Menantu International 2

Meet the extended Menantu International family 4 years later. Mel and Bryan now have a lovely 4 year old daughter, Eliza. Mel is a kiasu mum who wants only the “best” for Eliza while Bryan experiences mid-life crisis. Melissa has paid off Khalid’s debts and starts a new life with a new home, new job and new suitor. She continues to struggle as a single mum to two teen daughters, Hana and Hani. Happy and Firman are trying for a baby, with unwanted interferences from Jamaliah. Meanwhile Aman wants to live healthy after his close friend dies suddenly.

Kelab J

Halimah, a 46 year old divorcee finds herself being an accidental overnight inspiration to many women she does not know, especially other divorces, whose lives she touches when a video of her arguing with her cheating husband & mistress went viral.



PICIT is an anthology of four stories, about a youth who yearns for social acceptance on social media; a young woman betrayed and takes revenge on the internet, middle-aged infidelity facilitated by technology; and an internet stalker turned abuser wreaks havoc in a family.


O.M.G 2

Three secondary 2 girls in same school dislike each other and find fault with each other. They are grouped together in a science project and experimented on the bodyXchange formula. Then Poof! The adventure begins.